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hanson_claims's Journal

Hanson Claims
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Welcome to hanson_claims! Here you can claim anything from the members of Hanson, songs, lyrics, cds, music videos, fansites, imports, facial expressions, posters, clothing, pictures, body parts, tours, concerts. In other words, as long as it relates to Hanson you can claim it.

  • Check out the Claims List first to make sure what you're claiming hasn't been claimed.

  • Post to hanson_claims stating what you're claiming, so we can update the list. Then in your info put "I claimed _insert what you claimed_ at hanson_claims". Or something to that nature. :)

  • Only 10 claims per user, mods can have up to 15 claims, so use them wisely. We were considering letting members have as many claims as they want, but that wouldn't be fair to everyone else.

  • No sharing claims. (If someone claimed what you wanted to claim, claim something else.)

  • If you want to retire your claim or you change your livejournal name, please make a post about it so that we can update the claims list.

  • Pimping the community isn't mandatory but it's really nice.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA!; be nice and have fun!